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Our coffee is grown by the 341 families that comprise the Ts’umbal Xitalha’ cooperative

in the Tseltal territory located in the Northern rainforest of Chiapas.

Due to its geographical position, our region holds the optimal conditions

for a high quality coffee production:

- Altitude between 900 and 1600 meters above the sea level.

- Temperatures between 62 ºF to 75 ºF.

- Ground provided with abundant organic matter.

- Great variety of shade trees.  


Our coffee is certified organic*, 100% Arabica, including Typica, Bourbon, and Mundo Novo varieties. Whoever enjoys a cup of it can recognize the typical balance of high-grown coffee, marked by a fine, delicate flavor, a thick, creamy body and citric acidity. It contains floral, caramel, and chocolate notes. In Yomol A’tel, we take care of each and every step and process that our coffee follows, from field to cup.

In the field, our coffee is grown organically, so no agrochemicals are used. In their place, the traditional shade-grown coffee is maintained under the principles of agroecology. This ensures a great biodiversity in our coffee plantation: coffee plants are carefully fertilized with worm humus and different types of compost. For pest control, we use biological measures that don’t damage the ground or the microorganisms that nurture the coffee plantation.


The Tseltal territory is located in the Northern rainforest of Chiapas.

In Yomol A’tel, we take care of every area, process and steps that our coffee follows, from field to cup.

Chiapas, México

Once our coffee has been harvested, the coffee processing stage is equally taken care of to ensure a blemish-free cup and to preserve the traits that the fermentation, washing, and drying processes provide to each grain.


In our industrial roasting facility in Chilón, we use state-of-the-art infrastructure to carefully select the best coffee grains before submitting them for roasting.

During the processing stage, we separate the coffee into micro-batches and electronically select the size and weight of the grains to ensure the best coffee blends. The training and experience of our coffee roasters and tasters, oftentimes the children of the cooperative producers, have allowed us to develop an excellent quality control protocol during the roasting process. This enables us to offer a customized service to our clients.


From our field to your cup, our working methodology allows us to maintain and highlight the traits, aromas, and flavors of our coffee. For us at Capeltic, taking care of every hand that touches this process is imperative.


* Organic Certificates:

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